Photo Spheres

Possibly the only thing better than a panorama is a photo sphere. Think of the “street view” option on Google Maps and you will get an idea of what I mean. This is when I use my phone to capture a 360 degree picture that you can zoom and rotate as you please. It takes a few minutes of standing in the same place looking like a complete tourist to capture one of these, so I don’t always have the time, patience or solitude to get a good one. Click and drag your mouse on the image to move around, you can zoom in too.

Torrey Pines State Park, La Jolla / California / USA
Twin Peaks, San Francisco / California / USA
Avenue of the Giants / California / USA
Crater Lake / Oregon / USA
Cannon Beach / Oregon / USA
Discovery Park, Seattle / Washington / USA
Inside La Sagrada Familia / Barcelona / Spain
Ponta da Piedade / Lagos / Portugal