Foto Friday CXXXI

8191_3 copy I took advantage of a sunny Saturday this past weekend and went for a nice long walk in the University Parks. Although the peak colors had passed and the rain brought many leaves down, there was still plenty to enjoy looking at. Autumn is probably my favorite season, I like the crisp air and bright colors. I also really like trees. This tree is located along the east side of the park, and I’m standing almost in the River Cherwell. The sun was in just the right position in the sky to really light up the bright yellow canopy, and I love the contrast with the bark and shadows below. This tree is much larger than it appears and it was tough to capture without getting wet. Hopefully you can’t tell, but this is a composite of three images.

1/30s f/5.6 18mm ISO 125. 3 images merged and contrast adjusted. Au revoir until next week.

Foto Friday LXVI


Sorry I missed last week, I was out of town and not in the range or state of mind to do any website updates.  I have been enjoying the spring weather back home in Michigan, and this picture is evidence that I’m not the only one.  Two bushes in my parents back yard flowered within a day of each other, and are now covered with brilliant white flowers that almost glow in the sun.  I started out trying to capture bumble bees but their resident time for each flower is much shorter than my time to focus this lens.  Anyway, I like this one because of the fresh white petals, the shadows, and the detail that you can get when zooming in on the center of the pistil.

1/1600s f/4.0 60mm ISO 100.  No adjustments.  Au revior until next week.