Foto Friday CXXXIV


This past week we got to witness the best supermoon in something like 84 years. Or the best since the last supermoon. Or until 3 months when there is another one. Seriously, I can’t keep track of the supermoon sightings, it seems like there is one every quarter these days that is the best I’ll see in my lifetime. I also don’t even know how much different it is than the normal moon. These reasons weren’t enough to stop me from taking my camera gear and trying to capture it, though.

I headed to Balboa park with the initial goal of trying to snap a shot of the moon and mission-style building. After I realized that I had no idea where in the sky the moon would be rising, I quickly abandoned that idea and headed toward a spot where I could see the horizon. I found a nice overlook of a canyon with some mountains as a backdrop, which you can see obscuring part of the moon above. Yes, the moon really appeared orange that night as it was rising. I wonder what it looks like other nights?

1/50s f/5.0 200mm ISO 800. Highlights and shadows adjusted. Até próxima semana.

Foto Friday CXXXIII


This picture makes me smile as much today as it did when I took it. As I was wandering around the Uni Parks I spotted a young family making the most of the weather and fall colors. Basically the Dad was taking pictures of the little girl running around, and the Mom was throwing leaves everywhere to try and make it an amazing photo. I don’t know if any of their photos came out, but the little girl could care less about the leaves. She was just running around having a fun time. I didn’t feel comfortable taking more than this picture, which is why the subjects are out of focus. I still like the way it turned out.

1/250s f/5.6 185mm ISO 400. Contrast adjusted. Au revoir until next week.

Foto Friday CXXXII


I took this picture about ten minutes after the one I posted last week. While chasing the sun around the park, I happened to spot a student feverishly writing into a notebook and thought I’d try and snap a picture. I got lucky with the timing, he left this bench as I was adjusting the settings on my camera after the first shot.

1/250s f/5.6 200mm ISO 1600. Contrast adjusted and vignette added. Au revoir until next week.

Foto Friday CXXX

NicholasBrideauMoon_2This is a special edition of Foto Friday because instead of picking a picture form a pile, I went out this week with a purpose – I was trying to capture the blood moon. I set my alarm to 02:45 and headed on my bike to the center of town. It was fun riding through the Broad street area, giving a gentle nod to other photography enthusiasts along the way, all while trying to find the best angle. My goal was to capture some of the old architecture and the red moon in the same image, but it was actually more difficult than I thought it would be. The moon moved across the sky very quickly, and for some reason I had a really hard time getting it to be in focus. My lens was all the way out and on infinity focus, but it took me over an hour to get a shot in which the moon wasn’t blurry. The image above is actually a composite of two of the last pictures I took, you can even see the eclipse ending and the moon returning to a bright white color. Although I was frustrated with the way most of my images turned out, I really enjoyed the fresh morning air and just watching the lunar event. I posted two failures on my instagram feed, and my picture was featured on a tech blog that I read.

10s f/8.0 200mm ISO 400. 2 images blended and contrast adjusted. Au revoir until next week.

Foto Friday CXXIX


Many of my #FF pictures come from my travels around the world, but it also seems that while I am traveling I never post anything. Weird. Anyway, this week’s edition does indeed come from a recent getaway to Portugal. You are looking at the annual Feira de São Mateus in Viseu, Mafalda’s hometown. I don’t really like fairs but I wanted to go see if a Portuguese fair was the same as a fair anywhere else. Spoiler alert – it was.  There were rides that make me sick, loud music, rigged games that you can never win, and fried food. Except here instead of an elephant ear you get a fartura, which is like a churro except larger and softer. It was surprisingly fun to walk through the fair, they are always a great place for pictures.

1/125s f/5.6 100mm ISO 2500. Contrast adjusted. Au revoir until next week.

Foto Friday CXXVIII


This picture was taken just around the corner from last week’s, at Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco. This one makes me laugh because of the word for crab in Portuguese – sapateira. If you say this word fast enough with the correct accent it sounds A LOT like “it’s a potato”. In fact it sounds so similar, Mafalda was describing a dish to me and I thought she was talking about a potato, not a crab. Probably not funny to anyone else, but at last the picture is cool.

1/60s f/5.6 50mm ISO 1000. Contrast adjusted. Au revoir until next week.

Foto Friday CXXVII


This picture has many object that I like: a lamp post, bird, fishing boat, love locks stuck to a bridge (n.b. I only liked the ones on Pont de Arts in Paris), rolling hills, and haze over the bay that looks orange because of the setting sun. I also like this picture because Mafalda and I were standing in similar places, each with a camera, and we managed to frame it differently. This was taken from a small pier in Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco during our trip to the USA. The fog was stronger than I expected, but this day I really liked the color it turned.

1/250s f/8.0 100mm ISO 100. No Adjustments. Au revoir until next week

Foto Friday CXXVI

IMG_7785_trolley_3This is the Szabadság híd (Liberty or Freedom bridge) in Budapest, Hungary, which is over 100 years old and carries pedestrians, cars, and trams between Buda and Pest. The buildings in the background are part of the famous Gellért Thermal Bath hotel site. I like bridges in general, but I also liked this one because it looked much different to the rest of those crossing the Danube, and it looked just as nice at night as during the day. I got lucky with this picture, as the traffic broke as I was crossing the street and I managed to capture one of the older trollies. I was trying to get the bridge in a sunset picture, but the best I could do was catch the orange rays coming through the iron supports in the foreground.

1/250s f/5.6 170mm ISO 1600. Selective coloring. Au revoir until next week.

Foto Friday CXXV


This is a very timely photo, as the Perseids meteor shower peaked here in the UK only a couple of days ago. You might remember two years ago, when I ventured out to try and capture a meteor in a photograph. This year I went back to pretty much the same spot, except this time I pointed my camera at Perseus (instead of the other direction) and waited for the show. I was West of Oxford looking back East over the city, which means plenty of light pollution, plus some low level clouds, both of which are visible as the bright orange clouds above. I took pictures with several different settings, but I found that mostly what I needed to do was wait for the constellations of interest to move up in the sky and be free of the background light. After continuously snapping every 20 seconds for near an hour I was cold and a little bored. At the peak there are supposed to be 1-2 meteors visible per minute, but I didn’t see nearly that many. I did manage to see the longest and brightest one I’ve ever seen, and I think at least three of them crossed the area that I had my camera pointed toward. The little guy on the lower left is the best of the two that I managed to capture.

15s f/3.5 18mm ISO 800. Contrast adjusted. Au revoir until next week.

Foto Friday CXXIV

IMG_6179This picture is one of many I took at my sister’s wedding, and I can’t help but smile every time I flip through them. [Claire, I promise that I’ll get back to it soon, so I can send you some good ones.] You are looking at the seating assignments, which I thought were presented in a very fitting way, although I think most people just sat where it felt comfortable.

1/125s f/5.6 100mm ISO 250. Vignette added. Au revoir until next week.