Foto Friday CXXXIV


This past week we got to witness the best supermoon in something like 84 years. Or the best since the last supermoon. Or until 3 months when there is another one. Seriously, I can’t keep track of the supermoon sightings, it seems like there is one every quarter these days that is the best I’ll see in my lifetime. I also don’t even know how much different it is than the normal moon. These reasons weren’t enough to stop me from taking my camera gear and trying to capture it, though.

I headed to Balboa park with the initial goal of trying to snap a shot of the moon and mission-style building. After I realized that I had no idea where in the sky the moon would be rising, I quickly abandoned that idea and headed toward a spot where I could see the horizon. I found a nice overlook of a canyon with some mountains as a backdrop, which you can see obscuring part of the moon above. Yes, the moon really appeared orange that night as it was rising. I wonder what it looks like other nights?

1/50s f/5.0 200mm ISO 800. Highlights and shadows adjusted. Até próxima semana.

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