Foto Friday CXX


This picture is again from Barcelona, and again it is La Sagrada Familia.  Adding to the nature theme in many Gaudi works, the inside of this church instantly reminded me of a forest.  It is easy to see, with the large columns opening up to a canopy at the top, but it took an hour inside the building before I read the sign stating that the inside of this church is supposed to look like a forest.  The columns are made of different materials and are of varying diameters making them appear to be many colors and sizes, like you might find in a forest.  We also got lucky with the timing, as the sun was just at the right angle to blast through the stained glass windows.  One side of the building is red and yellow glass, and the other side is blue and green.  I have seen pictures from inside the church taken in the middle of the day and much prefer to be bathed in colored sunlight.

1/40s f/3.5 18mm ISO 250. Cropped.  Au revoir until next week.

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