Foto Friday CXIV


This week’s edition of Foto Friday features a subject that I like: derelict buildings. Or, what is left of them anyway.  I had read reports of an abandoned concrete factory just North Oxford and have been wanting to visit for a couple of years now.  We used one of the sunny and unseasonably warm Sundays recently to go for a motorcycle ride and try and explore this site.  The main entrance was closed so we decided to try and find an alternative way in.  After a short walk along the Cherwell we followed the train tracks all the way to the back of the site.  To my disappointment, most of the large abandoned buildings (like the rock crushing plant) were no longer standing.  All we found were foundations with rebar stubble and piles of metal like the one pictured above.  Still a fun trip though.

1/80s f/6.3 50mm ISO 100. Contrast adjusted.  Au revoir until next week.

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