Ponta da Piedade in Lagos, Portugal

You get a bonus post this Friday, one with a technology I have never used before.  One of the hidden gems in my phone is a feature called “Photosphere” which takes the panorama feature on most phones to the next level.  It allows me to stand in one place and digitally stitch images together all around me, creating a 360 degree panorama.  I would guess that it normally takes about 25 pictures to fill up a photosphere, which makes the process difficult if you have landscape around you that changes and don’t want to look like an idiot standing there taking 25 pictures.  Another drawback of the feature is that I thought I was only able to view the composite image on my phone – it turns out I was wrong.

I encourage you to click on the full screen option on the image below (top right), and scroll around just like you would with Google Street View.

After hopping a wall (you can see it on the stairs) I scaled a windy-but-safe path up to the top of an isolated point that offered a spectacular view.  I started taking panorama shots with my DSLR but then realized this might be the perfect opportunity to use my photosphere tool.  Last night I discovered that I can upload my image to Google Views, a tool connected to Google Maps.  Using the GPS on my phone, the coordinates upload automatically to the world map, I just have to annotate it with what I want.  The result is what you see above, probably my favorite stretch of coast that we visited in Portugal.

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