Foto Friday CVIII


I’m back from an amazing holiday in Portugal, loaded with a ton of pictures to share once I get around to going through them.  Based on my previous performances with holiday photo sets, this will never happen.  But at least you will get some in my Foto Friday features.  This picture was taken in the South of Portugal at a place called Cabo de São Vicente, just West of Sagres.  We intended to make it there for the sunset, as there is a lighthouse and the views make for nice pictures.  Unfortunately for us, a serious cloud front moved in as we were driving to the cape, and we didn’t get to see the sun set on the sea, and couldn’t see much at all really.  We couldn’t even see the lighthouse.  This is the best picture that I have, but I like it because it captures what we were trying to see well.

1/250f/5.6 175mm ISO 800. Cropped and contrast adjusted.  Au revoir until next week.

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