Run Jericho 10K

I haven’t posted a non-Foto Friday entry in a while, so I thought that I would try and get the ball rolling.

One of the girls that I work with suggested that everyone get together to run a local 10K race to help raise money for a school, and I thought it would be fun.  The plan was to get together 2-3 times per week at the end of the day and run together to train for the race.  In reality, this happened about three times.  I started running about a month in advance, but only once or twice per week, and only ran the actual distance of 10K once.  I knew that I could do it though.

If you are familiar with Oxford, the race started in Jericho, then to Port Meadow and out to Wolvercote, then across the meadow to the canal, and back to Jericho again.  It was a pretty run with plenty of uneven ground, long grass, cows!, gates for cows, and one-person paths.  And it was 75 and sunny – a rare event here in the UK.  Below is a picture of me about halfway through the race.

14501546593_1a9955ec9d_oI saw the camera man and smiled for about 100 meters, but unfortunately he snapped me either looking down or blinking.  I’ve also been told that in this picture I look old (the hair) and camp (the jersey) but I think I look pretty fit.  I wore this jersey in support of the USMNT match against Portugal later that evening, and even had a few people come talk to me after the race saying that they chased me and my jersey for a while.

I finished about ten minutes slower than I thought I would and can offer plenty of excuses.  For example, I’m not used to it being warm and haven’t trained in heat.  Perhaps it was the unfamiliar terrain, or natural bottlenecks that caused me to walk waiting for other runners.  It doesn’t really matter, I finished in less than an hour and had a great time running around.



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