Foto Friday CI


I’m back!  I have been away from posting for a while because of travel, work, and not taking any good pictures, but I’m happy to be back with this week’s installment of Foto Friday.  This is a technique that I have been meaning to try for a long time with a timely twist added in.  You are looking at a real picture without much post-processing.  I really only increased the contrast a little bit to make the colors more vivid.  What do you think you are looking at?  Check out the full resolution version.  Any guesses?  What about another arrangement?

Skittles.  What I have done is arrange Skittles to look like the American flag, and then balanced a petri dish from the lab about six inches above them and sprinkled water on the plastic.  Then I played with the settings on my camera and the lighting to get the big flag as the blurry background while also showing lots of little pieces of the skittles flag in focus in the drops.  It worked amazingly well.

I say timely because it was also taken in the spirit of the World Cup.  Team USA has a big match coming up on Sunday against Portugal and here is my attempt at their flag.  And in the true spirit of what soccer (football) fans call “Fair Play”, I have to admit that Mafalda took the picture of the USA flag, and I took the picture of Portugal.  Sunday should be fun.

1/8s f/5.0 60mm ISO 400. Contrast adjustment.  Au revoir until next week.

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