A pleasant surprise


A couple of months ago I got an email from my PhD supervisor with a note about a paper his lab was working on, and said paper as an attachment.  A few months and a little revision later I’m happy to announce that paper has been published.

Click here to go to the article (it is open access so you don’t need a subscription).

I’m happy about this publication for a variety of reasons, and also very appreciative to be included.  First, it is always nice to see my former lab publishing, I’m happy for Dan. Second, I know that Satyaki strugged during the initial years of his PhD project, so I’m glad that he got a story out.  And I say that I’m appreciative to be included because my contribution is something that I did nearly eight years ago, and I think it could have easily been repeated with a newer or better technique.

So thanks Dan and Satyaki and Congratulations!

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