Foto Friday XCVII


About six months ago, our neighbor on one side moved out of her house that she had lived in for the past 57 years because she could no longer afford it.  It was a sad story, but inevitable, and the house was sold from one of Oxford’s colleges to a guy about my age.  He has taken up the task of completely gutting the place and has spent many a night and weekend working on it.  I have been chatting with him occasionally during the renovations, and he tells me about the crazy things buried in the back yard or hidden in the walls. The brick above is probably one of those hidden treasures, although I haven’t yet heard where it was found, I just saw it sitting in his front garden.  I look forward to the story.

1/1000s f/2.0 60mm ISO 100. Vignette added.  Au revoir until next week.

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