Foto Friday XCII


This is an old picture that I have lazily brought to the surface because I have been playing under the hood of my website and haven’t had much time to take a new one this week.  I took this picture in July on a spontaneous trip to the Oxfordshire countryside.  This is the town of Brill, famous for its windmill and one of my favorite cycling destinations.  The trip is about a 20 mile loop and has the steepest hill around, in fact I can hit nearly 45 miles per hour coming down if I push it.  The sky was clear and the sun was right and I headed out to Brill specifically to take a picture of the windmill with the sun setting, except that I didn’t want to wait for it to set properly because the hour long ride home in the dark would be too cold and dangerous.  Although the sun wasn’t in the position that I had hoped, I still like this picture and the memory that goes along with the trip there.

1/4347s ISO 100 taken with my phone at the time, HTC Incredible.  Color adjustment. Au revoir until next week.

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