Group Therapy 050

A few weekends ago was a London blur to say the least, not only did I go to a concert with Arctic Monkeys on Friday, but I also went to see Above and Beyond play on Saturday.  If you don’t recognize their name, A&B are a trio of DJs that create, produce, and spin trance music.  They happen to be my favorite group for the past two years, and I jumped at the opportunity to see them live.

Above and Beyond produce a weekly radio show called Group Therapy (It used to be called Trance Around the World) and have done so for quite a long time.  This radio show is broadcast on a variety of platforms on Friday from 7-9pm here in England, and also available as a free download.  I download their podcast every week and wear it out just as the next episode is coming out.  Simply put, I really enjoy their sound.

ABGT 050 was special in that it was their 500th radio show, it was live from the home of broadcasting in the UK – Alexandra Palace, and there were 10,000 people in attendance.  I went with my house mates Al and Sabrina, as well as our friend Simon, and we had a blast.  The event promised six different DJs and 8 hours of music, along with some much needed group therapy. Here are some shots from my phone during the night.

1-2013-10-26 22.16.53

 Sabrina got a good view of the stage from Al’s shoulders.

1-2013-10-27 01.17.21

This is Arty, the last DJ of the night who is one of my current favorites.  I was very excited when A&B announced the lineup, and his set didn’t disappoint.  1-2013-10-27 01.50.18

 I think this is also Arty.


This last one isn’t mine, I got it from Above & Beyond’s twitter feed.  It shows what is one of my dreams, looking out on 10K people all going bonkers for your music.  The crowd was fantastic, I have never been to a music event that was so full of friendly people.  We were about 6 or 7 rows back from the front of the stage, and I never had a problem going to and fro during my many toilet breaks.  Maybe it was the inevitable amount of drugs in the crowd but it seemed like everyone was just there to have a great time and take part in some group therapy.

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