Foto Friday LXXXVI


This is another picture from my favorite abandoned grain silo that was just North of Oxford.  We are looking down an elevator shaft that wasn’t completely closed off, and was high enough to give me a bit of vertigo staring down. To my surprise, although they hate change here in the UK, this building was demolished earlier this week.  This derelict building has featured in two previous Foto Friday posts (here and here) and I was actually planning another trip with a photography friend of mine but I suppose we had our chance already.  I can see why they knocked it down, it was neglected, probably dangerous, and serving no purpose other than as a photography subject and probably relief from the elements for the homeless.

1/8s f/3.5 18mm ISO 3200.  Straightened.  Au revoir until next week.

One thought on “Foto Friday LXXXVI”

  1. Oh, I didn’t know that it was demolished. And I never got to go there and meet your favorite abandoned building. At least I can enjoy your pictures. 🙂

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