Foto Friday LXXXII


I’m back!  After a long and much needed holiday I have been working double shifts at work and haven’t had time to sit down let alone sit down and type out some blog updates.  I have a lot of stuff in the pipeline and in my head, hopefully I come through with some of it.  This picture is one of many from my trip but I like it for many reasons.  It reminds me how beautiful the Mediterranean Sea is, how fun my friend Al can be, and how photography is tricky.  For instance, can you tell how far above the water he is?  How did he get there?  Looking at the picture longer only makes it worse for me.  It was about a 12-15ft drop in total, but he’s probably only about 3ft away from a big splash. I’ll post the picture series later, or if you want you can watch me take the same jump.

1/400s f/5.0 18mm ISO 100.  Cropped.  Au revoir until next week.

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