Foto Friday LXXXI


Last weekend I went with a photographer friend to a balloon festival in Northampton England.  Calling it a balloon festival is a bit of a stretch, we only saw about six of them launch -more like a balloon party.  Anyway, the site that held the party was also home to caravans and camping and it turned out to be much more fun to photograph Brits in their natural habitat.  On fair rides like this one.  I really enjoyed taking pictures of people’s expressions as they whizzed around on some of these rides, but chose this particular picture because of the lights.  It was just dark enough to turn the neon lights on, but not too dark to see anything so I thought I’d try and capture some blurry lights as the ride (and the chairs) went around and around.  It worked pretty well with this one, it sort of looks like a Daft Punk video.  You know the videos with sad little girls sitting on the steps of a gypsy carnival ride.

1/6s f/4.0 32mm ISO 100.  Brightness adjusted.  Au revoir until next week.

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