Foto Friday LXXX



The beginning of last week coincided with the peak for the annual Perseid meteor shower.  Luckily for me, the sky here in the UK was without a cloud on Monday night and provided some great views of the stars.  I sought out a spot a few miles outside of town hoping to get away from the lights, and found a good one near Hinksey hill.  Naturally I brought my camera and tripod along to try and catch a meteor with a photograph but this proved to be much more difficult than I had expected.  I couldn’t quite get the settings right to keep the stars from becoming lines, but also to maximize the amount of light coming in.  It was a trial and error way to learn, and after about an hour I mostly made errors.  I did get to see a ton of meteors across the sky though, it was about one per minute.  I have three or four pictures with what could be a meteor streaking across them, but upon closer inspection I think they were just satellites.  And the image above is neither, this is a plane that was coming in to land at Oxford’s airport.  The plane happened to come in just as I was in between shots so watched it come into frame and took the picture.  It turned out to be pretty cool.

30s f/3.5 18mm ISO 1600.  Contrast adjusted and cropped.  Au revoir until next week.

One thought on “Foto Friday LXXX”

  1. Cool picture anyway! 🙂 I want to see all the mistakes so that I might learn something from them. You were much lucky than I was watching the meteor shower though.

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