Foto Friday LXXIX


Another picture from my afternoon trip through the University Parks to come up with something for the photo contest.  I took many pictures of this plant, but most of them were of the flowers at the top that were open.  I had a really cool picture in my mind but unfortunately I couldn’t hold my camera or the flower still enough to get the part I wanted in focus.  Anyway, this was the last shot just as I was moving on to something else, and I ended up liking it the best.

1/100s f/10.0 60mm ISO 160.  Brightness adjusted.  Au revoir until next week

2 thoughts on “Foto Friday LXXIX”

  1. I like this one too. You should try again whatever you had in mind. 🙂
    I like the fact that Au revoir was corrected too. 😉

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