Foto Friday LXXVII



This is a practice picture for a photography challenge that I am hoping  submit to this week.  One of my favorite tech websites runs a contest weekly and this week was one that I might actually try and enter, we are supposed to capture plants up close and personal.  There is even a little story behind this flower.  It has been unusually dry here in Oxford for the past few weeks – dry enough that the grass is brown everywhere.  I have never seen brown grass in the summer here in the UK.  Anyway, the skies were chucking down water one afternoon to make up for the drought and afterword in addition to a green back garden I was greeted with this stunning flower.  I didn’t even know these were in our back garden.  I took about 40 pictures one morning trying to figure out what settings and composition to use.  I don’t like any of them enough to submit to the contest, but it will work for a Foto Friday for sure.


1/100s f/7.1 60mm ISO 320.  No adjustments.  Au revoir until next week.

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