Foto Friday LXXI



I love turtles.  The reasoning for this escapes me, but maybe it is because I think of them as friendlier modern dinosaurs.  Well – except for the snapping turtles, those are nasty dinosaurs.  I’m not sure what kind of turtle these are, but a quick Google search suggests they are of the Red Eared Slider variety, the most common turtle found in pet stores.  If that is what these are, it doesn’t take a lot of math to figure out how they got in a pond in a public park in Florida.  Anyway, I really liked this little turtle family because this particular baby turtle was playing a game with its mother that I caught with my camera.  It would swim up slowly, push its feet and claws forward, and then wave them around quickly in her face.  The larger turtle tolerated a few seconds of it but would then come in with a big sweeping leg and push the little one away.  This happened about 6 times in 15 minutes, and this little one was the only one of the babies to try.  It was pretty cute.

1/250s f5.6 200mm ISO 200.  Cropped.  Au revior until next week.

3 thoughts on “Foto Friday LXXI”

  1. I love seeing the differences between your US fotos and abroad. and these furry turtles are so cute!

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