Foto Friday LXVII

1-2013-05-03 18.17.26


I chose this picture for Foto Friday this week because it will help me remember my trip back home and tour of the USA when I look back at my archives sometime.  Also, because it also has a story behind it.  I went in to Chicago last weekend to meet up with some old friends, and when I sent one a text asking where to meet he just replied “hancock building, can’t miss it”.  On a normal day, he would be correct.  The Hancock Tower is a 100-story, 1127-foot (344m) tall building, the sixth tallest building in the United States, and one of the major towers in Chicago visible from just about anywhere.  At least on a clear day.  On days like the day I took this picture, you can only see through the cloud about halfway up the building.  I managed to meet my friend anyway and we had a nice afternoon with laughs and old stories.

Taken on my phone.  No adjustments.  Au revior until next week.

One thought on “Foto Friday LXVII”

  1. Great picture, even taken by a phone! 🙂 I bet you’re having a lot of fun in the US, but we are already missing you here in the UK! :p

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