A Sensor-y visit

1-IMAG0812Last week I got to spend time with some old friends, in more than once city even.  My friend Kellen, who I lived with for two years and went to school with in Ithaca alerted me that he was on vacation with his sister Ingrid, and girlfriend Darla, and that they would be invading my city.  I dropped in to London one night to meet them for dinner and drinks liquid dinner, and we had a blast.  I had met Ingrid before, and it was really  nice meeting Darla, and we all had a blast rehashing old stories and experiencing London for what it has to offer. The three of them then came to stay here in Oxford for a day, and I took them around town on a whirlwind tour of the small city.  We had a great night with wine and American food, and my only regret is that I didn’t take more pictures.  Great people and a great time.  Thanks for coming to visit guys!


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