10,000 pictures later



This is a landmark picture for me.  It marks the point where my camera started recording images to a new folder because I had surpassed the four digit file system.  Yes this is the 10,000 picture taken on my trusty DSLR.  If that seems like a large number – it is.  My problem with taking pictures is that I will take very many and then sort through them later.  Or sometimes I forget to sort through them.  My mantra is that it doesn’t cost anything to store an image on a memory card, so why not fire away.  As an example, this is a picture that my housemate asked me to try and take, and I probably tried 20 different settings, none of which I liked.

This milestone has forced me to reflect on the holidays and photography sessions I have been through to get to that number.  Do I take better pictures than when I first started?  Yes, definitely.  Most of that is understanding how my camera works, which is a continuous process for me.  I was also helped by a new lens, and some tips from friends.

I enjoy my hobby, and look forward to really learning how to compose shots better and see the world in a different way.

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