Happy Anniversary

I would like to wish a Happy 1st Anniversary to my beautiful…………..bike.


Yep, it has been a year since I posted about my new purchase.  I have made a few small upgrades since that first weekend: a rear mud guard, water bottle cage, new pedals, lights and a computer, better brake pads, new wheels and puncture resistant tires.  My upgrades are probably worth half the price of the bike, but when it is my primary mode of transportation I don’t really mind spending the money.

According to my odometer, I have put on just over 1500 miles in the past year, but that only includes the times that I remember to plug my computer back in, as I take it off every time I lock my bike for fear of theft.  I know for a fact that I hit 46 miles per hour down a hill last summer, and can’t wait to climb that hill again once the weather warms up.  In fact, I really look forward to a summer full of long and tough rides – I find them therapeutic.

The only misstep I had was the time I snapped my key in the lock and left the bike unattended for a week while I was on holiday.  Luckily, I only lost a key with that one thanks to a donation from the lab of some #5 forceps.  So thank you bicycle, for serving as a vehicle to personal peace and as a hassle-free way to travel.  I look forward to another good year.


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