Goals for 2013

Each January right around the New Year celebrations I make a list of goals for the upcoming calendar year, and also have a look back at how well I managed to do on my list from the past year. I choose goals instead of resolutions, because I don’t need to change my life – rather I have some things I would like to achieve. Let’s start with my list for 2012, and my analysis of if I met these goals.

1. Visit five new countries. Not quite. I did manage to get to two new countries (Czech Republic and Germany) but also visited some old favorites again (France (x2) and Spain).  Although this doesn’t count as five new countries, I’m still happy with my travels.

2. Compete in an organized race. Success.  If you have read my site for a while, you may have seen the recap of my Tough Mudder.  It was tough, but a lot of fun and a turning point in my year.  I might even do another one this summer if I can get my friends to join me.

3. Gain 10 pounds.  Success.  I just hit the scale this morning and am definitely 10 pounds heavier than I was at this time last year.  In fact, I’m going to try and gain 10 pounds again this year.  It will be easier now that I have a good routine and training buddy, as well as the opportunity to take my bike out for long rides again once the weather warms up.

4. Try as many new things as possible.  Success?  I’m not really sure how to quantify this one.  I definitely pushed myself this year to say “yes” more often than “no”, and I enjoyed doing so.  I took more risks, spent more money, and slept a lot less relative to previous years – but all in the spirit of having fun.  So yes, success.

Not a bad year, all things considered.  So how about the year to come?  After some quick reflection on the goals I put forward for 2012, I would like to carry those over into this next year as well, but that isn’t all.

1.  Play a new sport.  Or at least new to me again.  This could be something that requires a holiday environment like skiing or scuba diving, but could also be picking up something like ultimate frisbee or golf again.  Sports are an important part of life, I need to get back to it.

2. See the Aurora Borealis.  This one will be a double whammy becaues it will likely take me to a new country as well.  I can’t be guaranteed to see anything, but at least I’ll try.

3. Submit one of my pictures to a competition or gallery. I have been encouraged by friends to think about submitting my work somewhere.  Regular readers of this site get to see my best shots featured in a weekly gimmick called Foto Friday.  I have also put them all up in a picasa gallery so you don’t have to click through all of my posts, but sometimes the stories that go along with them are the best part.

4. Learn a new language.  Or at least try to learn one.  I failed miserably at this one in 2011, but I want to give it another shot.  Part of what I like about being over here is traveling, and all the different languages you hear, so why not try and be like EVERYONE ELSE in the world and learn a second language?

I have a feeling that this next year is going to be a good one.  Not only will it bring a lot of change in my life, but also a lot of happiness and fun.  I look forward to what 2013 has in store.

4 thoughts on “Goals for 2013”

  1. ended the year with a bang (bloop)! also, extra points for getting the phrase “double whammy” in appropriately

  2. Where are you going to go to see the Aurora Borealis? We wanted to go over New Years one year, but it just didn’t work out…time I guess. Good Luck to all of your goals!

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