Foto Friday LI

Another photo from my favorite grain silo featured a month ago on my birthday.  I managed to go back again with some friends, and we had a blast exploring the derelict building.  Actually, I think the exploration was better than the photography, but it was a good excuse to trot out my tripod and take some more HDR shots.  This is another HDR compilation, and I’ll add a bunch more to the online gallery I posted earlier once I finish processing them all. This shot was taken on the second to last floor, but the top part of the silo.  The grain was transported all the way up here and then through the large pipes along the ceiling via a corkscrew mechanism, and then distributed to the parts of the silo through the vertical canvas/pipe chutes seen above.  The center and right grain chutes above happened to be intact and connected, but you can see the one of the left doesn’t quite cover the hole it is meant to.  Many of them were just exposed holes acting as a gateway to a terrifying 70 foot drop down a darkened silo.  If you aren’t normally afraid of heights, you might be staring down one of those things.

HDR compilation.  Au revior until next week.

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