Foto Friday XLVIII

This picture is actually a mistake that turned out to be really pretty.  I went for a walk one evening this week with my friends with the intention of getting some fresh air, and trying out my new tripod for some night shots.  As we were walking along the canal we spotted a heron standing in the water.  Not only was it standing in the water, but it was standing in the perfect place with an orange light beaming through from a house behind.  I took this shot, but soon realized that the shutter was open way too long for it to be in focus in my hands.  I broke out my handy new birthday present, but by the time I had it set up, the heron had moved.  I bet this would look cool printed on canvas, almost like someone painted it.

1.3s f/5.6 100mm ISO 3200. No adjustments.  Au revior until next week.

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