Foto Friday XLV

Berlin at night.  This photo almost didn’t happen, but I’m happy that it did.  I was on my way back home one evening after wandering the city and having a few beers and I thought that I would take a different route home just for fun to see a different part of the city at night.  I was walking across a bridge that joins the former West and East Berlin on the Spree river, and I thought, why not cross the street to see what the view is like?  It looked interesting, but I wasn’t sure that I would be able to capture it quite right.  So I thought why not go for a really long exposure to see what happens?  That proved to be more challenging than I thought as it was cold, windy, 2am, and I had a good buzz going.  This picture could be better with a tripod and without the crane, but actually I like it just the way it is.  I learned my lesson that it is worth taking an extra minute to check something out when traveling, you never know what you might see.

2.5s f/7.1 18mm ISO 1250. No adjustments.  Au revior until next week.

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