Alabama Shakes

Just a quick FYI, I’m going to play catch-up out of chronological order for a little bit, but it doesn’t really matter.

About three months ago or so, my friend Hannah asked me if I was interested in going to see a concert here in Oxford put on by the band Alabama Shakes.  I had heard of the band before through Radio 1, and my sister Claire likes them (and she usually has pretty good taste) so I thought it would be fun.  They came through town last week, and as I expected, it was lots of fun.

Although I wasn’t very familiar with their music, I had a quick listen on Spotify and decided that their sound would be great live – and it definitely was.  The name of their band isn’t the only Alabama reference, you can hear the Muscle Shoals inspiration in their Southern Rock / Blues sound too.  And I have to hand it to the lead singer Britney, she can really belt it out.

She also happens to be a member of the “best faces made when singing” club.  It looked like she really poured all she had into those songs, and while it may have been part of the act to get us to go along with the blues theme, you can’t fake a voice like that.

I also really liked watching their bass guitarist, who is in his own “funniest expressions while playing” club.  He’s a big guy with a big beard, and I laughed at his expressions most of the show.  Basically, he stood in the same place and nodded his head to keep the beat, sometimes quickly, and sometimes really slowly and every once and a while he would pull a face.

Apparently I’m not the only one that thinks this either, these two characters feature prominently in the official music video to what is probably their most popular song, Hold On.

Thanks Hannah for inviting me, and for helping me to remember how much I like live music, and thanks to Alabama Shakes for putting on a great show.

One thought on “Alabama Shakes”

  1. When I first started to read this post, I was going to ask if they played “Hold On”, but you mentioned it later. Here in Ann Arbor, it is one of those songs that they play so much on the radio that you get sick of hearing it.I USED to like the song…I hope the new one they are starting to play doesn’t go the same way. Still, hearing songs live is always good. 🙂

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