Foto Friday XXXV

The building that I work in has a special eco-friendly lighting system that is designed to turn off lights automatically when they are not in use after hours.  While I agree with the principle, I disagree with the execution.  The lights go out after 8pm but are not motion re-activated, so I have to walk over to the switch on the wall every 20 min or so the rest of the night.  This gets annoying.  But the good part about walking across the lab to the switch is that it allows me to see how pretty a modern lab can be with the right lighting and hardly anyone else around.  I figured it would make a good photo opportunity so I took this picture of my bench space tonight as a first trial.  Ten bonus nerd points if you can read my equation and tell me what it is used for.

1/800s f/2.2 60mm ISO 2500. Vignette adjustment. Au revior until next week.

2 thoughts on “Foto Friday XXXV”

  1. well done Zane, it is definitely Michaelis–Menten kinetics. It bring back horrors from my undergraduate biochemistry labs.

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