A good use of QR codes

You may be familiar with Quick Response codes, the two-dimensional matrix barcode that are popping up all over the place these days.

Originally used in big industry to track the manufacture of vehicles, these codes are becoming very popular due to their ability to store more information than a UPC code, and the speed and ease which they are read by devices like smartphones.  I mostly see these codes on advertisements but apparenlty they are used on everything from train tickets to currency.   I have a code scanner app for my phone, but I never really use it because I have yet to find a QR code being used well.

That changed this weekend.  I was wandering around one of the local neighborhoods in Oxford and saw a sign for a flat for rent and right below it was a QR code.  I pulled out my phone, scanned the code, and it took me to a website from the letting agency with a complete description of the property.  That just saved me a lot of time.  Usually if I see a place for rent in an area I like I’ll have to make a note of the agency and then try and find it later on when I’m home by going through their website.  Not this time, a quick click and 10seconds later I could find out that some poor sap will pay £1300 per month for this run down flat in the “bohemian” neighborhood of Jericho.

Have you seen the QR code implemented well?  Do you ever use them?

One thought on “A good use of QR codes”

  1. Quite possibly the best use of them I have seen. I downloaded a QR reader app the day I got my smartphone and have never used it.

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