Blood Red Shoes

Blood Red Shoes is an alternative rock duo from Brighton, England and also my newest favorite band.  The band’s name comes as a reference to a Ginger Rogers / Fred Astaire musical where Ginger is said to have turned a white pair of dancing shoes red practicing for the role so much.  Anyway, Steve is on drums and Laura on guitar, and they both sing.  Alternative rock is a broad brush to paint their sound with, but I hear a little of the Pixies, Nirvana and Queens of the Stone age in their music.  Some of the DJs on Radio1 have been pushing their new album, so when I saw that they would be here in Oxford and tickets were only 10 pounds I jumped at the opportunity.

I have seen a show at the O2 here in Oxford before, but this event was upstairs in a much smaller room.  The picture above is from the back of the room when I first walked in.  I would estimate that only about 250 people were there, which makes it one of the smallest most intimate concert that I’ve been to.  On stage above is the opening band, The Cast of Cheers.  These guys have a very fast-paced sound, and even used pre-programmed beats from a keyboard in some songs.  It is a group of four guys from Ireland, and from what I could tell they enjoy drinking on stage and dropping F bombs.  They sounded great and really got the crowd going.  On to the main act.

This is just a short clip of their most popular song at the moment, Cold.  This is the lead single off their new album, In Time To Voices.  I only recorded a minute of it because I didn’t want to be the dude who holds his phone up for the entire song and blocks the view of the people behind him.

After a few songs I managed to snake my way up to the front for a closer view of my newest rock crush.  I guess there is something about chicks who play guitars.  Their show had plenty of energy and even a few little anecdotes while they caught their breath between songs.  They rocked out and thanks to it being such a small show I nearly got to cross an item off of my bucket list (party with the band) but there wasn’t much of an after party going on in Oxford on a Sunday night.

Absolutely worth seeing live, and also worth just listening to their albums.  I’ll be curious if any songs from their new album get any airtime back home in the USA.  My current opinion is that their first album, Box of Secrets, is their best, but this may change as I continue to listen to them.  Let me know if you are interested, I have all three of their studio albums.

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