Hologram concerts

If you are at all plugged in to the music (or pop culture) scene you will by now have heard of the Tupac hologram that graced the stage at Coachella festival recently.  Although it may not have actually have been a hologram, it was a piece of digital mastery and worth searching for a good youtube clip to watch.

Yes, that is right, even though Tupac has been dead since 1996 he once again performed on stage with partner Snoop Dogg (above).  And this wasn’t just some recorded concert footage played back, this was movie studio trickery.  I read somewhere that whoever put this on used a firm known for high-class computer generated imagery (CGI) in movies.  The figure for such animation is rumored to be between $100-400K.  I also read that Hologram Tupac might be going on tour with some of his old friends, not surprising given the initial investment.

Of course this new technology got me thinking.  Is this cool or creepy?  How real and believable would a performance like this be?  Many celebrities raved about the realism of the digital Tupac, but I wonder.  I suppose it can either be seen as a money grab, or a celebration of his life – probably a little of both.

Will the likely success of this “ghost tour”  inspire the estates of other dead artists to do the same?  Would you ever pay to see a hologram in concert?  Who would be good candidates?  Michael Jackson?  Kurt Cobain and Nirvana?

My thoughts are still out on the issue, although I’m leaning toward not liking the idea of seeing a digital interpretation of an artist on stage.  What do you guys think?

4 thoughts on “Hologram concerts”

  1. I would have loved it – Granted I’m not a fan of lip synching at a concert and Tupac’s voice clearly is reproduced, but I go to concerts to be entertained and that would have achieved my goal nicely.

    Now only if Dre would finally release his final album.

  2. Not sure what the difference between paying to stand in front of a large screen to hear music played with a computer rendition of an artist in front of it and sitting at home listening to music is besides the crowd (which I’m not a fan of).

    Also, this happened at Coachella, so I’m taking all eye witness testimony as to the realness of this projection with a very large grain of salt.

  3. It might be fun to see a hologram song or two while attending a concert of “real” singers. I doubt that I would pay to see a concert of only hologram entertainment. As an older rock and roll enthusiast, I have to admit that seeing one of my favorite bands or individuals from back in the day as a hologram might actually sound better than going to a concert and listening to (and seeing) them as 60 or 70 year olds. Has anyone heard what Mick Jagger sounds like these days??

  4. Jagger…Dylan too. Seen him in concert 5 times now, and he gets worse every time. The hologram was only on for 5 minutes – to the tune of $400k to do it say the rumors. Zane, you wouldn’t want to see that?

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