Foto Friday XXV

Let’s just gloss over the fact that insects and flowers are my only shooting subjects so far, and pay more attention to how crazy this bug looks.  I was minding my own business and learning how the aperture settings on my macro lens affect pictures when this thing flew into the flower patch I was photographing.  It is about the same size as what I call the B-52 bumble bees, yet it only has one set of wings and a long slender proboscis, more like a fly. It hovered above the flowers to clean itself and look at me, but perched on the flower to feed, again more like a fly.  Well, a quick Google search shows that this is called Bombylius major, otherwise known as the large bee-fly.  It is a fly that has evolved to mimic a bee, but without the stinging.  And now you know what it is, besides creepy looking.

1/250s f/5.0 60mm ISO 100.  Cropped. Au revior until next week.

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