Foto Friday XVI

Earlier this week I headed out the front door on the way to work and saw some confused grass (or plant) coming out of the ground.  Naturally, it had just rained here and the blades of this grass were covered with spectacularly large water droplets.  I got about 2 minutes down the street when I decided to come back and bust out my trusty DSLR for a few pictures.  Getting the shot I wanted proved near impossible because neither the blade of grass nor my camera were able to hold still to get what I wanted in focus.  I still managed to take some good ones, including the picture above. Because I love this lens and it is always wet here, you can probably expect more water/plant macro shots in the near future.

1/80s f/4 60mm ISO 1000.  Adjustments: crop.  Au revior until next week.

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