Goals for 2012

And a quick year in review.  2011 was certainly one hell of a roller coaster year, full of all sorts of ups and downs.  This past year also brought some big changes in my life, some good and some bad, but all different.  Rather than rehash everything that has happened, I thought it might be more appropriate to evaluate the goals I set up for myself in 2011 back on January 7th last year.  Here they are along with my assessment of how well I was able to achieve them.

1.  Save money. This was a success.  While not a lot of money ended up in the virtual piggy bank, it was definitely more than the previous year, so chalk one up in the accomplished category.

2. Learn a new language.  Fail.  I’ve put about as many hours into learning a new language with my fancy Rosetta Stone software as I have installing the software on my computer.  Maybe next year.

3. Visit four new countries. Almost.  I can pick three new countries off the list, but due there was a travel gap for a few months there.  Sometimes life gets in the way.  I can definitely make up for this one in the next year.

4. Come home earlier. Another fail.  Although to be fair not all the time.  I probably call it a day at work at a reasonable hour 60% of the time, but the other 40% not so much.

In summary, I’d say by putting the pieces above together, I met about 3/4 of my goals.  I’m pretty happy with that all things considered. So what about 2012?  Well, just as last year, I like to think that I lead a pretty good life so resolutions isn’t the right term, more like goals.  And here they are.

1.  Visit five new countries

I actually think that four is a more acceptable number, but I have to make up one from last year (rough life, I know) so five it is.  I already have two of them picked out.

2. Compete in an organized race

This comes from my need to say that I completed a 10K or something similar.  Although I have a strange hankering for a serious challenge, so I might go ahead and sign up for this, you know because the London marathon is boring booked.

3.  Gain 10 pounds

This one might sound easy, but I’m not talking about adding a spare tire.  And if you know me well you will be aware that I have always been a skinny guy, so I’d like to add a little muscle on my frame.  Easier said than done for a guy who works too hard and doesn’t eat enough.

4.  Try as many new things as possible

Ok so this is a resolution parading as an abstract goal.  With some serious self reflection in the last six months I have decided that life is too short and that I should make the most of it.  So my goal is to live life outside my shell a little bit and try as many new things that come my way as I can.  I bet I meet some fun people and make some excellent memories in the process.

What about everyone else?  Do you guys have any goals you care to share?

2 thoughts on “Goals for 2012”

  1. Only 3 countries? It seems like you were gone more than that…maybe they were trips home?

    Oh well here is to a new, happy, and prosperous new year!

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