Foto Friday XI

I happened to find the well-lit house pictured above by chance one night.  This is because I ride my bike everywhere and have boycotted the bus because the last one time I rode it in the past 3 months I got sick the next day.  Well, it was pouring rain one night and I wanted to head in to town, so rather than pile on all my rain gear for cycling, I took my trusty umbrella and headed to the bus stop.  On our tour toward city centre we passed this house and everyone on the bus took notice.  I made a mental note to come back and take a picture of it sometime.

Luckily for me these two stopped by to enjoy the lights just after I arrived to start taking pictures.  It made me smile to think about a mother and her daughter taking an adventure to check out the house with the bright lights.  It reminded me of how excited my sister and I used to get looking at all the houses all lit up.  Tis the season.

1/20s f/8 70mm ISO 1600.  No adjustments, au revior until next week.

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