I suppose it is about time I got around to posting about the magnificent month of November, or should I say Movember.  I’m sure by now most of you are familiar with the concept, I posted about it during the first few days last month.  The idea was to raise money and awareness for Men’s health issues with our mustaches serving as mobile billboards.

I got a team of friends together and for the most part everyone put in an excellent effort for the entire month.  Check out this video chronicling the growth of my tache.  I took a picture every day for the entire month.

Some of those pictures are a bit rough, mostly because I took them late at night just before bed so I was either tired or drunk in some most of them.  It wasn’t long ago that I experimented with facial hair of the beard variety, but this was an entirely different dead animal.  Unless it spreads to other parts of your face, the rules state that you are only allowed to keep the mustache, and I tried to stick to them for the most part.

I got a lot of funny looks from people, but I found it was a great conversation starter.  Probably because so many other guys here in Oxford were also participating, some to raise money, and some just for fun.  Speaking of money, our team managed to raise 300 pounds, which I am proud of.  Thank you to everyone that donated.  Although this figure pales in comparison to the worldwide fundraising efforts of over £71M.  Yes, you read that correctly, 71 million pounds.  So although our facial hair was something to laugh at, the entire movement was no joke.  Follow this link to find out how the breakdown of donations around the world.

Will I do it again?  I’m not so sure.  I think I should probably just accept that facial hair and Nick aren’t really a good match.  But it was definitely fun and I’m glad I did it.

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