Foto Friday VII

This week’s photo is a little bit hazy because we had a weather that day.  It was taken on along the river Arno, and what you can hopefully see are some buildings along the riverside in the city of Florence, Italy.  I really like this specific picture, especially because……

It is a reflection.

Here is the entire picture of the Southeast side of the city along the river, looking away from the famous Ponte Vecchio bridge.  This river is one of the most important in central Italy, and the largest in the region.  It also has the capacity to go from dry to flooded in a few days.  I think we saw it at a relatively low point, but that was ok because it made for still water and excellent reflections.  I hope you agree.

1/80s, 18mm, f/8.0, ISO 100.  No adjustments, au revior until next week.

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