Foto Friday – IV

This is an old picture from when the McLeans came to visit us this summer, and I picked it because I think it is an excellent summary of the evening it was taken.  We surprised Chelsea’s parents with a stop at Stonehenge on the way back to Oxford after our tour of Scotland.  Stonehenge isn’t really on the way back to Oxford from Edinburgh, which is why it is dusk and we are behind the fence.  The bonus was that we got to see (and photograph) the stones without any tourists surrounding them, and some of the shots even include the moon for good measure.  I don’t know that I would plan to see Stonehenge after the sun went down otherwise, so I’m glad we took the chance and went.  I think we all enjoyed the cap to their whirlwind UK trip.

1/50s, 32mm, f/4.0, ISO 2500.  No adjustments on this image, au revior until next week.

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