Foto Friday

Hey everyone, thanks for sticking with me, even though I put up 8 pictures of my ugly mug on the previous post.  I’d like to jump right in and introduce my newest blog gimmick, Foto Friday.

If you have been paying attention to my posts, you may know that this past spring we got a new camera.  I really enjoy taking pictures, and although Chelsea has a much better eye than me for how to compose a shot, the sheer volume of my pictures almost makes up for it.  My theory is that practice makes perfect, so I experiment a lot and take many, many pictures.

My idea with Foto Friday is to share some of those pictures with you, in the form of a new one each Friday.  That way I can post at least four times a month, and I look forward to the feedback, both positive and negative.  Pretty easy to follow, my first picture and explanation below.

I suppose I could have selected a better picture for my first feature, but I took this one tonight and I like it.  The moon has been pretty spectacular this past week, especially looking at it through the flowing clouds that are always present.  In the picture above, I managed to wait for a hole in the clouds, yet still tried to capture how interesting the sky looks.  That, and there is a really big bright star just below and to the right of the moon.  I wish I knew more about astronomy, I suppose I could ask my friend and classmate from graduate school, Nadia, who has written this neat article about the moon for Science News.  All I know is that the moon is terribly difficult to photograph, especially after a few drinks without the stability of a tripod.

No adjustments on this picture, stay tuned for next Friday.

Edit* 1s, 40mm, f/5.0,ISO 400.

One thought on “Foto Friday”

  1. No, I LOVE this picture!!! It is composed well, it tells a story, and it is a bit mysterious but you know what it is. I think that it represents this time of year well! All it needs is a witch flying in the moon light.

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