The passing of an icon

I suppose that being the gadget geek that I am I would be remiss if I didn’t write a few words on the big and sad news that is the passing of Steve Jobs, former CEO of Apple.

I’m not personally affected by the news of his death any more so than I am when any other celebrity dies.  The news is sad, mostly because the world lost a seemingly good person to a terrible disease too early in life.  Jobs was a big personality though, and one that changed the way the world is today – something that not many people can claim.

Whether you love Apple products or hate them, you can’t deny the influence they have had on society.  According to Apple two of their products are currently the best selling laptop and desktop computers in the USA, the iTunes store has a 20 million song catalog, iPods are basically ubiquitous, and the iPhone and iPad have totally changed the way people use phones and tablets.

Actually, Apple has changed technology a lot.  Always early adopters of the latest specs, Apple was one of the first to introduce USB, Bluetooth, solid state drives, and most recently the Thunderbolt transfer technology.  The iTunes store has changed the way that  music is distribute, and if you really stretched you might be able to say that it has influenced our culture to be more A la Carte, but that is a topic for another post.

So how much will Apple miss Steve Jobs?  That is the question on many people’s minds, and in my opinion, they will miss him a lot.  From stories I have read, he was the creative and perfectionist force behind their amazing designs and products.  But all the micro managing aside, he was an excellent salesman.  Not only did he have strong negotiating power with major record labels and movie studios, but he also pulled weight with mobile phone companies and magazine publishers.  And this doesn’t even take into account all the fanboys out there.

I was once a HUGE Apple fan, to the point where they could do no wrong in my book.  I even convinced myself that their old PowerPC processors were superior to anything Intel had to offer, until they switched to Intel chips the next year.  I’m less of an Apple enthusiast now mostly because of price and custom options on alternative products, but I’ll always have an iPod on  my side.

Good luck to Apple, and rest in peace Steve Jobs.

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