Lost and found

I’m almost never the beneficiary of good fortune when it comes to finding stuff.  Everyone has a friend that found a crisp $100 bill on the ground, or just happened upon something of interest.  Well, this may have changed.

About a month or so ago, I was sitting on a Boeing 777 for the return leg of my journey back to Michigan for the Hertz wedding.  I always get bored on planes, especially during those times where “anything with an on/off switch” is prohibited, and the friendly flight attendants are going through the motions as if buckling my seatbelt and putting the window shade up is going to help when we collide with the side of a mountain.  Well, I usually use this time to root through the seatback pocket in front of me and eventually turn to flipping through the sky mall catalog to laugh at the newest devices aimed at toilet training your cat.  This time was the same, except that I found this little guy hiding instead:

Much to my delight, it was indeed what it looks like, an iPod.  A third generation iPod nano to be exact, complete with a rubber pink case.  Naturally, I got pretty excited about this, because my own iPod is trying really hard to die, and I was just thinking that I probably should have looked into buying a replacement when I was home in the USA because electronics are exponentially cheaper there.  Anyway, after I waited until we were safely at 10,000 feet and the captain had turned off the fasten seatbelt sign, I fired up the iPod to see what sort of treasures were on there.

There was only one main problem, Justin Bieber it was in another language.  I suppose I should have expected this, as this was a British Airways flight on its way back to London.  Unfortunately, I even struggle with my mother language of English, so foreign languages really are quite foreign to me.  I got lucky that this was at least a Germanic language so I could recognize the characters and use my familiarity of the iPod menu system in order to navigate the songs.

And this is exactly what I did for the next hour or so.  I only made it an hour or so, because even though I have an affinity for dance music, the amount of europop and teenie bopper music on this thing was a little too much for me to stomach.  I should have guessed with the pink cover and pictures of the biebs.  Then I had an excellent idea, I should try and figure out who this belongs to.

I flipped through the menu until I found what looked like an address book, and then browsed the list of contacts.  In my search I found a lot of names that I cannot pronounce, a handful that probably sound more like throat clearing than names, and two long strings of people with the same last name.  I guessed this was the family of whoever this belonged to.  When playing music, the ticker at the top also displayed “Olivia’s iPod”, so I picked the Olivia from the list as the likely owner.

The next day, I sent an e-mail to Olivia based on her contact information saying that I found something that may be of interest for her.  She described it perfectly, and said that actually her kid sister is the one who lost it.  Sounds about right.  I offered to send it to her in Denmark, and she said she’d send her address along soon.  Except I never heard back.

Now, seeing that my iPod is on its last legs, and without that pink case this found one is a suitable replacement, I might be in a bit of a pickle.  I sent her a reminder email recently, but have yet to hear back.  Maybe it wasn’t worth that much to her?  I don’t really know.  But I do know that I won’t beg someone to take their property back when I could put it to good use.  If I never hear back, I definitely won’t feel bad, I think I put forth a good effort in trying to get this little gadget back to it’s rightful owner.

What do you guys think?  Am I stupid for trying to get in touch with her in the first place?  In the grand scheme of things, iPods aren’t worth that much anyway, but I know how I’d feel if mine was left on a plane.  I’d like to have an honest Joe like myself find it.

3 thoughts on “Lost and found”

  1. actually Kim, I forgot to mention that I thought about loading it up with good music before I sent it back. It would make me laugh at least.

  2. Good for you for trying to get in touch, and if she hasn’t tried since your reminder to find a way to send it back, then the hell with it. Enjoy, even if it is an Apple product.

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