Congrats to Empty Nest Brewing!

What is Empty Nest Brewing you ask?  Well why not click here to find out?  In short, it is the hobby of my parents Roger and Vickie.  As many of you know, Chelsea and I brewed our own beer in graduate school for fun.  Unfortunately for us, we weren’t able to move all of our beer making equipment here to the UK.  Fortunately however, we managed to find a good home for all our our stuff at my parents house.

My Dad actually brewed beer when they lived in Oxford, but didn’t carry the tradition back to the USA with him.  Both Mom and Dad seemed eager to play with our beer stuff once we left, and this certainly seems to be the case.  It feels like they make a beer every  month, and never have less than 100 bottles conditioning in the basement at any one time.  Sounds pretty good to me.

What’s also good is the taste of their beer.  Chelsea and I always like sampling their brews when we head home, in fact I usually look forward to it.  Well, it turns out that we aren’t the only ones that think they make good beer.  They entered a homebrew contest sponsored by the Ann Arbor brewers guild, with over 300 entries in 23 categories.  Two beers were entered, and two beers won medals.  Result.

Pictures above are Mom and Dad sporting their shiny new medals, the first of hopefully many. Below I have listed the descriptions of their winning submissions.

Medalist (second place) for the Empty Nest Brewing Pale Ale submitted by Vickie and Roger.   Judges comments included: Nice little bitter. Good malt flavors and aroma. Coppery color with brillant clarity and pours with an ivory head. Long lasting head.

Medalist (second place) for the Wee Scotch Ale submitted by Roger B. and Dana DeJohn. Judges comments included: good malt flavor, with a balance of malt sweetness and light bitterness, smokey aroma as it warms, dry finish, very enjoyable beer to drink.

I have included a link to their blog on my links to the right, or you can click the link above if you want to find out more.  I’m already to go back in August to try more of their beer.  Well Done!

One thought on “Congrats to Empty Nest Brewing!”

  1. Awesome news! Your dad’s beers were quite the hit at BBQ’s in Ithaca. Glad to see that they’re receiving awards.

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