I was hacked

I was alerted this afternoon that my website had been hacked, and my immediate thought was “no way”.  Well, way.  If you were lucky enough to click on my site (or any sites in my family of sites) you would have seen the following image:

Real nice Clark.

I quickly discovered that this particular hacker had affected all of the wordpress domains operating on the server I share with friends.  In all I think about 5 sites were affected.  The fix was pretty easy, just replace the hacked files with the originals.  The site permissions were also changed so hopefully this exploit won’t happen again.

It was pretty tame as far as hacking goes, and I’m very thankful for that.  I have had my own website in some form or another since my freshman year in college (2001), and had a WordPress setup for at least 5 years now, and I’m glad that nothing has really happened like this before.  I’m thankful nothing worse happened, but it was a nice reminder to back up my database and site at regular intervals.

Thanks to Kim and Zane for alerting me to the problem, and to Steve for the help with resolving it so quickly.

One thought on “I was hacked”

  1. Sounds like he was out to make some money in a modern day cyber-mafia style by offering you protection because it would be an awful shame if something were to happen to your site.

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