Visiting Grandma Brideau part I

While already down in North Carolina, we figured it was well worth the short drive over to the city of Wilmington to visit Grandma Mimi, and we were more than right.  My grandparents moved to Wilmington before I knew them, and have seen the city change, get knocked down by  hurricanes, and then blossom into the busy beach town that it is today. Claire and I used to go visit Grandma and Papere in the summer and we always had so much fun.

I was definitely looking forward to spending some time with Grandma Mimi, and Chelsea was too because she didn’t really get a chance to meet her at our wedding.  I hadn’t been back to Wilmington since Papere passed, and realized that I also hadn’t really been more than twice in the last 10 years.  I’d say our approach to Grandma’s new condo set the tone for the next few days:

After being super busy and semi-stressed with all the wedding stuff the previous six days, it was really nice to see a familiar face and be spoiled like only grandchildren can be spoiled.  We had plenty of good food and drink, including four new Empty Nest Brewing beers shipped from Mom and Dad just for us.

Our rent wasn’t totally free though, Grandma put her #1 grandson to work on some small repairs around the house too.

Here I am replacing light bulbs and cleaning out her electric fireplace.

And here changing the filter and cleaning the HVAC return.

And here I’m fixing the guards and cleaning the gutters.  Grandma approves but didn’t want me to spend too much time on them, there was cold beer to drink!

Actually, we put her to work too.  Chelsea bought a pair of jeans, because jeans are WAY to expensive here in the UK, and they fit great except for being just a tad too long.  I promised her that I would find a way to fix them when we got back, but Grandma came to the rescue with her awesome antique Singer.

Quid pro quo.  All joking aside, I really enjoyed being able to help Grandma with some little things, and would actually have done more had we had the time.  We had a blast catching up on life and telling stories, and I especially liked hearing stories about her and Papere.  Stay tuned for part II, where we visit downtown and the beach!

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