Tate Modern Art Museum

While the UKBA (which stands for UK Border Agency but should stand for Useless and Kind of Bass Ackwards) continued to be inefficient in its attempts to ruin our travel plans, Chelsea and I used our frequent trips to London to our advantage as much as possible.  The shortened version of this story is that we are applying to change our visa status here in the UK, and have spent a lot of money, time, and stress trying to make it all work.  This includes multiple trips in to London to visit the UKBA and US Embassy.  The longer version of this story is in the works.

A few weeks ago, we finally took advantage of the fact that we were in London at 10am and had nothing else planned the rest of the day.  We could have gone back to work, but after just making the 90 minute journey and having warned our employers of our absence, we figured why not do something fun.  One of the  places we went that day was the Tate Modern Art Museum.  After all, you can’t really beat free admission.

We spent a few hours wandering around the many floors and exhibits on display.  They allowed photography, but only the non-flash variety, so some of my pictures are blurry or hard to see.  The following six images are works from: Lichtenstein, Monet, Picasso, Warhol, Pollock and Matisse in no particular order.  Test your modern art knowledge by matching the artist and piece number below.







There were many types of modern art on display, not just paintings.  For example, there was one really huge room with all sorts of outdoor themed work in it.  One of my favorites was the carving of these two trees (below)

Those trees are probably about 30 feet tall.

Not only did the artist have to find pieces of wood that massive, but then had to plan where each branch would be, and how they would look as the wood was whittled down, and then do the work.  If you look at the tree in the background of the picture above, it is amazing that the piece didn’t break.

All said and done we really enjoyed out trip to the Tate Modern and would recommend it if you are in London and have some time to kill.  The answers to the image pairings above:

1. Monet

2. Pollock

3.  Matisse

4. Warhol

5. Picasso

6. Lichtenstein

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