What day is it again?

Wow time flies.  We have been very busy here in the Brideau household in the past few weeks, and busy enough that I was either away from my computer in the evening, or so exhausted that I just could not manage to sit and type a man diary entry.  BUT I’m hoping things slow down a bit the next week or so (probably not) and here is a small list of topics you can expect to see in upcoming posts.

1.  Day trip to London: How we took advantage of a stupid situation

2.  Useless Government: A rant on the ineffeciency and stupidity of the UK border agency

3.  North Carolina: A fun wedding and visit with my Grandma

4.  Bike Repair: Sometimes the best solution is to dismantle everything

5.  Evening Drunkenness: An update to our pub guide and maybe some wine events

That should keep me busy for the next couple of weeks when a whole new set of topics are due to be discussed.  Stay Tuned.

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