Spring is in the air

I don’t know what the weather is like where you live, but here in Oxford it has definitely taken a turn for the better.  Last week was one of the nicest weeks weather-wise we have had since moving here.  Sunny and 60F almost every day.  It was enough to make us enjoy the outdoors a bit more than we had been able to all winter, and appreciate all the changes that were going on.

We aren’t sure what kind of bird this is, other than a harbinger of summer.  Back home we used to know the weather was changing to the more pleasant at the first site of the robin, so we have temporarily dubbed this bird the “little England robin”.  (Mom and Dad, please let us know what this little bird is).

I even got so excited about the warmer weather and sunshine that I visited the home and garden store to browse their plant selection.  Although I didn’t end up buying what I went there for, I did pick up this bird feeder that promptly went up in the back garden.  The only problem is, no birds seem to like it.

If we zoom out a bit from the previous bird feeder picture, I think we might have a good reason why no bird has visited.  I can imagine that from the perspective of a bird, a cat waiting eagerly to pounce is not exactly inviting.  I don’t know if birds can actually see Gato or not, but he certainly sees them, and eventually when some did arrive for some nibbles, he jumped up and smashed into the glass door.  That is mostly why I bought the feeder – to keep him (and us) entertained.

Chelsea also did her part to bring other birds to our yard.  Above she is trying to entice the visiting ducks to the yard in order to convince them that it would be a great place to raise baby ducks.  I’m not sure if she was successful, but the ducks have been back to visit, even without the bread.

And finally we will end on my favorite picture of spring so far.  The daffodils are definitely out in full bloom all around town.  This was taken on the path along the canal as you head from our flat toward city centre.  Spring (and our friend Jenna’s photoblog) have inspired me to become much more interested in photography, and I have finally decided to try and learn to use the power of photoshop for stuff other than scientific papers and websites.  In this picture, I applied a gentle sepia wash, and finally learned a simple way to selectively color objects, in this case flowers.  I like how it turned out so much that I’ll definitely be playing around with more photos in the future.  Maybe even more shots of spring.

3 thoughts on “Spring is in the air”

  1. Nick,
    That is indeed a robin. Specifically, it is a European robin. Dad and I have a picture of one that is very similar to yours. We called it an English robin, too!

  2. Awe, thanks Nick! Great pictures and (even though you usually tell us) I loved reading you point of view on this crazy little town we call home. :o)

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